Dato’ Seri TeikKeng Goh (Stanley); Founder and Chairman

The Company’s founder, Dato’ Seri TeikKeng Goh (“Stanley”), who serves as VW Win’s Chairman and Controlling Shareholder, is a highly successful, industry entrepreneur, age – 41, with multiple successes across various industries. His high profile in Southeast Asia has created a large following within the investment communities. The formation of a Diversified Investment Holdings Company, renamed VW Win Century Inc. (VWIN), which is based in Irvine, California, is the basis of Stanley’s current objective. His goal is to capitalize on his experience in various businesses, which have enjoyed above average gross margins.

In year 2010, Dato Seri formed the century dynasty International Group, pioneered a new business model, the concept of global profit sharing and ownership of capital and the ability to gather fund and ability from successful peoples from different areas in the investment plans, consolidate the business of those investors from different fields, unite more powerful force, each play its role, to create mutual benefit and win-win situation in business formation.

Dr. SeeKuy Tan (Steve); CEO

Dr. SeeKuy Tan (“Steve”) assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of VW Win Century Inc. in 2016. His first strategic move was to acquire an OTC company; to build the business. His goal is to up-list the Company to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Steve is very well known and respected in the Direct Selling/ Network marketing space both in the US and in the Asia Pacific arena. Direct Selling Live.com listed him as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in Direct Selling” in 2008.

Kate Johnston; COO

Kate Johnston is the COO and serves as the corporate secretary for VW Win Century. She has a vast corporate and entrepreneurial background. Kate is the US contact for VWIN in the corporate office in Irvine, CA.