A diversified holding company whose first acquisition is a Sturgeon Theme Park; given its above average gross margin and capitalized value plus continuity of earnings.

Sturgeon Theme Park (STP)

Sturgeon Fish Introduction

For over 200 million years, sturgeons have been swimming the waters of the world. In fact, they have lived on Earth not just longer than all the dinosaurs… when sturgeons first appeared, there was not even a single flower on Earth, not any of the Hawaiian Islands, none of the 5 continents we know today, no Grand Canyon, no Mount Everest (was not even 1 millimeter in height yet), no Asian people, no Caucasian people, no African people, in fact no humans or even mammals, and not even one bird or insect in the whole world! Sturgeons are truly amazing!

Sturgeons have a life span of over 100 years and are considered to be “living fossils” meaning they have survived unchanged since prehistoric times. This shows that this species has a big tolerance to the climate and ecological changes. They have been able to survive all that nature has tested. They outlived all the dinosaurs, yet in less than one sturgeon’s lifetime (100 years), humans have brought this prehistoric fish to the brink of extinction. Almost all species and populations worldwide are in serious trouble.

Unless there is coordinated intervention to help the sturgeon, it is very likely some sturgeon species will be extinct within our lifetime and never to be seen on Earth again!

Conceptual Design

The Sturgeon Theme Park aims to create a dynamic and vibrant destination for visitors of all ages. lt aims to demystify the Sturgeon fish and the process of creating caviar by providing fun, educational and entertaining exhibits/activities throught 10 distinct activity zones.

The spatial arrangement is done in such a way that the more retaiI and public angagement zones such as the merchandising/gift shop zone, caviar cosmetics zone and the caviar bar zone is created with dual access so as to allow visitor to utilise these zones beyond the park’s normal opening hours.

The Theme park leverages on the very process of rearing the sturgeon fish. lt is a showcase of what happens behind the scene in the sturgeon farm packaged in an informational and entertaining manner.

The Theme park also brings great opportunity for visitors to have close encounters with these creature through the sturgeonarium which shows the various stages of the fish development as well as the sturgeoh touch pool which enables the visitor to actually interact with the sturgeon.

Master Layout 10 Zones

Sturgeon Caviar Industry

Caviar is the word reserved exclusively for describing the roe (eggs) which come from the Sturgeon species. Since ancient times, caviar has been considered an ultra-luxury indulgence once reserved for Kings and Emperors. In modern times, it is still one of the most expensive and rare luxury products on the market. The finest caviar can fetch as high as US$10,000 per kilogram.

With the declining production of caviar from wild sturgeon, and the rapid increase in the quantity of caviar from farmed sturgeons to replace and protect the wild sturgeon, it is believed that there will be a considerable caviar market, and farmed caviar will replace the wild one in the future. In the foreseeable future, there may be very little wild sturgeon products on the world market, therefore, aquaculture production will be the major contributor to the caviar trade.

The cultured sturgeons have not only been used as food for human consumption, but also developed to derive cosmetic products, medical products, leather and other uses. In this regard, it is believed that diversification of products will increase in the future, serving more than one market and contribute to the sustainability of the industry.

Sturgeon Aquaculture R & D

Artificial reproduction of the sturgeon species via aquaculture is probably the only way to ensure a rapid increase in sturgeon stocks. In order to preserve sturgeon stocks, it will be necessary to coordinate efforts of all countries surrounding the sea.

Sturgeons are ideal aquaculture targets because they can grow fast, they are easy to culture, they have a low feed coefficient, they are easy to process, and have diverse range of products which can be derived.

Sturgeon Aquaculture and market will be further expanded because seedling supplies completely rely on controlled propagation, farmed sturgeon caviar will completely replace wild sturgeon caviar in the near future (it must replace the wild caviar if there is to be hope of the species survival), diversification of sturgeon products, and also noting that the sturgeon aquaculture industry is still in a high-growth phase for many decades. It is predicted that international caviar market is a demand market in the coming decades.

Sturgeon Theme Park (STP)

Tourism is a powerful force in the socio-economic development. For more than half of the countries in the world, tourism is either the first or the second largest business. With 760 million tourists spending US$800 billion annually, tourism contributes approximately 15% to total global GDP and has created 250 million jobs worldwide.

The VWIN STP is the first and the only Sturgeon Theme Park in the world! It will be specially designed to provide tourist visitors an exciting and unique experience which allows the visitor a tour from the beginning of a video presentation to a range of photo slide displays of Sturgeon fish and a introduction to our Proprietary R&D Technology in Sturgeon aquaculture.

Visitors will also enjoy a viewing tour of 9 large net tanks of live sturgeon fish ranges from various ages of 1 month to 7 years. Some of which are young Sturgeon fishes touch ponds that allows a visitors to hold and feel them for photographic exposure.

The STP is geared towards the international and domestic tourists attracted to a rare experience that are not available anywhere else. The main components of the theme park will be offering a new experience of knowledge, emotional feelings, exposure, interesting, enjoyable and admiration of the Sturgeon fish for everlasting memories.